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Read On... Alpha Delta Kappa Publications

This section has information and ideas for all ADK members - whether you are a state officer, chapter officer, committee chair, a member planning a chapter activity, or a new member who wants to learn more about Alpha Delta Kappa.  It will provide you with links to a number of resources, many of them  taken from our International website. So, let your fingers do the walking and discover ALPHA DELTA KAPPA on this page and the pages to follow.

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Newsletters & Magazines

Ka Pine Ho'ohui - Hawai'i Alpha Delta Kappa's newsletter is published 2 times during the biennium. Its Hawaiian name is translated as "The Linking Pin". The editors are HADK state committee chairs and article contributions are received from all chapters. 

       2022 - 2024 Biennium

       Issue #1 - October 2022

       Issue #2 - March 2023

       Issue #3 - October 2023

       Issue #4 - March 2024

2020 - 2022 Biennium                                           

Issue #1 - October 2020

Issue #2 - March 2021                                               

Issue #3 - September 2021

Issue #4 - February 23, 2022

Kappan - The Alpha Delta KAPPAN magazine is published quarterly. The international website has an archive of its publications dating back to 2006.

The Alpha Delta Kappa Eblasts are published by Alpha Delta Kappa, International Honorary
Organization for Women Educators on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Fridays of every month. There are
special edition issues on occasion. They are sent to ALL members via email. If you have not been receiving the Eblasts, click here for information. 

Hawai'i ADK Chapter Websites

Chapters that wish to create their own websites and have it linked here, should contact for instructions. 

Regional and International  Websites

Southwest Region - The Southwest Region is comprised of 7 states and 2 provinces:  Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Queensland, and Victoria.   Kitty Nutting, a Colorado member and longtime friend of many Hawai'i sisters, currently serves as the International Vice-President of the region. You do not need a login for the regional website, although there may be a few state websites that require a login or password. Regional information is available on the website and in the newsletters found here.


International - The website at no longer requires members to sign in except for the private portions that may contain privileged information (directory, for example). New members and those members who have forgotten their username and/or password should contact Alpha Delta Kappa headquarters to create a new one.

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