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Welcome, New Members!

Dear New Member,

E Komo Mai. We are thrilled to welcome you as a fellow member of an international honorary organization of approximately 29,000 outstanding women educators that span all 50 states, Australia, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Congratulations!

Membership in Alpha Delta Kappa is truly an honor.  Your membership includes three responsibilities: 1) a time commitment to attend chapter meetings; 2) a financial commitment of dues to support the organization at all levels and 3) a commitment accepting leadership opportunities which will allow you to learn and grow!







Shown above are the 2020-2022 International Theme & Logo and International President, Mollie Acosta.  President Mollie writes: "I believe Alpha Delta Kappa is much more than just another professional organization. What makes Alpha Delta Kappa special is our love for one another. And so I ask you - each one of you - to do what this theme asks of you. Please, each one of you, reach one and share the joy of membership in Alpha Delta Kappa. Share the pride that comes when we hear how many hours of service we devoted to a community in need, how many educators we supported as they poured their hearts into bringing the best out in each of their students. Share the Love of Alpha Delta Kappa and the support we give to one another, both in our times of deep sadness and in our times of great joy. Share this incredible gift we have to offer; there is no other like it."

Alpha Delta Kappa currently supports two International altruistic projects, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Alzheimer’s Association.  Project C.H.E.A.R. is the World Understanding project for the  2021-2023 biennium. Over 1,000 chapters are committed to raising $50,000 to support the project. Project C.H.E.A.R.'s mission is to empower disadvantaged children and youth in Babati, Tanzania, through education. Project C.H.E.A.R. is the only service of its kind in a region of 1.4 million. The money will be used to build dormitories, classrooms, a library/media center, a kitchen and offices. There will be an area for gardening and fruit trees. and the adjacent property will make a great play area. This project aims to free children from a life of poverty.  

We hope you will participate in activities beyond the chapter level to experience the “bigger” picture of our organization including your S/P/N meetings, regional conferences and the International Convention. The last regional conference was held in Juneau, Alaska and pending the Covid situation, the next one will occur in May 2022 in the ALOHA STATE!  

Membership in Alpha Delta Kappa is indeed special.  There are connections and friendships to be made, personal and professional experiences that allow us to grow, opportunities to support many altruistic endeavors, and travel that would otherwise not be possible.  We sincerely hope that you’ll experience many benefits with your membership.  All of us from your chapter to the International level and our Headquarters staff stand ready to support you in beginning your Alpha Delta Kappa journey!

We are Alpha Delta Kappa, changing the world since 1947.

With Fraternal Aloha, 

Your Alpha Delta Kappa "Sisters"

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