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Navigating Our Website

Have you searched for information on our state website but couldn't find it?  Follow these instructions. At the top of this page is a menu bar with 5 tabs which correspond to the following 5 sections: 

  • HOME - provides a brief description of the Alpha Delta Kappa organization, temporary messages and announcements. You are currently on "Navigating Our Website", a sub-page of the Home Page that gives a general guide to the entire website;

  • PRESIDENT'S PAGE - meet Susan Okano, our current president of this 2022-2024 biennium and her mission/goals for the next 2 years;

  • ABOUT US - click on this tab and read about our state history, our former state leaders, and honorary members.  Now, place the mouse pointer on the tab and hover over it where you will see 2 sub-headings:  "State Expanded Executive Board" and "New Members". Meet the members who make up our biennium's leadership team, from the executive board to state committee chairpersons, and chapter presidents. For our prospective and new members, the welcome letter celebrates your becoming a member of an organization that will make a positive difference in your life;

  • DOCUMENTS & FORMS -  click on this tab to find documents which are the backbone of any organization. As an officer or committee chairperson you will find the basic guiding information you will need to know in this section. Hover on the tab and you will see several sub-headings, including: "Expanded Executive Board Reports", "NWSWR Conference", and "State Convention Committee". If you are an expanded executive board member, the committee reports will be in the password-protected MEMBERS ONLY section.

  • RESOURCES - this is our digital library and contains links to state and international articles, newsletters, magazines, and websites. Click once on the Resources tab to find these publications. Hover over the Resources tab and you will find additional resources - Music, Clip Art & Photos, and a contact button which will take you to your email program and you can email the webmaster (me) with your suggestions or questions.

  • HINT -  BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE SUB-HEADING TOPIC THAT YOU WANT TO SEE.  Just hovering on the heading does not cause the page to change. Hover and Click...hover and click...that's it.

  • And if all else fails, there is a tiny box at the bottom of the home page with a magnifying glass labeled "Search Site" - type in a few words of what you're looking for and, like Google, it may find it for you.  Maybe. You just need to browse through the pages and have fun with this website. 

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