Aloha from Meredith Ching, 

Immediate Past President

Dear Hawaii Alpha Delta Kappa Sisters,


In closing the 2018 - 2020 state convention and biennium I would like to share with you the results of the voting and announcements that would have taken place at the Luncheon at the state convention.


187 members voted online and unanimously voted to adopt the:

  1. Minutes of the 25th state convention business meeting held in 2018

  2. Amendments to the Hawaii State Bylaws for 2020 to 2022

  3. Hawaii State Budget Guidelines and Rationale

  4. Hawaii State Budget for 2020 to 2022


Thank you to Amy, Jocelyn, Joy, Kitty, Christine and the Bylaws and Finance Committees!


The Hawaii Alpha Kappa Student Scholarship was awarded to Adonis Rei Fiesta from Farrington High School.  Thank you Beverley and Jo Ann and Scholarship Committee!


The total donation to the Convention Altruistic Project Hawaii Parkinson’s Association was $3915.00.  Good job, Mari for coordinating the Altruistic Project.


Lastly, the Excellence in Education recipient will be announced at the 1st Expanded Executive Board  meeting of the 2020 - 2022 biennuum.


The Installation of the State Officers will be held July 15, 2020 at the Hawaii State Dinner.  If this event is not held, the installation will be done at the August 15, 2020 Leadership Training Conference.  If this event is held virtually, the Installation will be videotaped and shown on our state website.


The Memorial Service will be held at the August 15 Leadership Conference and, if this is not possible, it will also be videotaped  for viewing on the website.


Thank you all for your patience, support, and understanding.  Heartfelt thanks go to the super Executive Board and Advisors, State Committee Chairpersons, and Chapter Presidents.  You all did a marvelous job and made this an  EXCELLENT BIENNIUM!!!  I am so very proud of you and of being the president with your support.  It has been a wonderful  journey and now I will ride off into the sunset…..

With love and aloha,


First Officers of Hawai`i Alpha Delta Kappa, 1968​

Seated: Mary Murakami, Virginia Koch, Ethel Hasegawa, Kay Nagaishi;

Standing: Dorothy Vaio (SWR), Irene Okawaki, Betty Wong, Dorothy Lum, Jessie Cordua (SWR), Doris Homme (International), Toshie Shishido, Kiyono Ebisu, Florence Ikeda, Mayme Chinn (SWR)

Our History

Gladys Leisner, an elementary school principal in San Francisco, was invited to join Alpha Delta Kappa. She declined since she was moving to Hawai'i. After settling in Honolulu, she wrote to Alpha Delta Kappa headquarters in Kansas City for information about the Hawai`i chapter. No chapter was in existence in Hawai`i.

Agnes Shipman Robertson, one of the founders of the International sorority, felt this was a good opportunity for expansion. She contacted Mr. W. Gordon and Mr. P. Saborne of the Department of Public Instruction (now called the Department of Education) for names of possible candidates. Agnes came to Honolulu to interview candidates and on March 26, 1959, Alpha chapter was chartered with the initiation of eight teachers. These founding members were: Gladys Leisner, Hazel Guider (member-at-large), Puamana Brickner, Beryl Seeley, Tracy Lavin, Beverly Hansen, Mary Murakami, and Kay Nagaishi. In order to fulfill the requirement of having thirteen members to receive a charter, five more members were added: Kay Dillinger, Irene Okawaki, Ethel Hasegawa, Helen Matsui, and Bettie Nakagawa. It was not until April, 1968 that Hawai'i received a state charter with the three chapters in existence: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

Hawai'i Alpha Delta Kappa Past State Presidents

Ethel Hasegawa (1968)                                            Connie Ko (1986)                                  Ethel Murakami (2004)

Eleanor Ko (1970)                                                   Thelma Nip (1988)                                Janet Shimada (2006)      

Jane Komeiji (1972)                                                            Irene Nakamoto (1990)                                 Jean Kiyabu (2008)

Masue Ando (1974)                                                             Shirley Ann Kimizuka (1992)                         Gayle Lum (2010)

Mary Hendrikson (1976)                                                      Janice Tashiro (1994)                                    Phyllis Takeuchi Horita (2012)

Jean Matsuda (1978)                                                           Alyce Ikeoka (1996)                                      Naomi Yap (2014)

Carlene Toda (1980)                                                            Myrna Nishihara (1998)                                Amy Katsumoto (2016)

Carol Jean Ching (1982)                                                      Kay Yogi (2000)                                             Meredith Ching (2018)

Su Chon Kim (1984)                                                             Cherylyn Inouye (2002)


Honorary Members

Mary Bitterman (1978)                                                         Lyla Berg (2006)                                  Dr. Pualani Kanaka`ole Kanahele (2018)  

Patsy T. Mink (1992) - Omega 2002                                    Leslie Wilcox (2008)

Winona K. Desha Beamer (1996) - Omega 2008                Linda Coble (2010)

Rubellite K. Johnson (1998)                                                 Loretta Yajima (2012)

Lynne Waihee (2002)                                                           Donna Saiki (2014) - Omega 2017