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We are an international honorary  organization of women educators dedicated to educational excellence, altruism, and world understanding. Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, Alpha Delta Kappa has more than 1,200 chapters located in towns and cities in every state in the U.S., and around the world in Australia, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico and Puerto Rico. There are sixteen chapters in Hawai'i -  twelve on Oahu, one on Maui, two on the island of Hawai'i, and one on Kaua'i. This website serves to provide information about Hawai'i Alpha Delta Kappa goals and programs, membership projects and accomplishments. Check out the "Navigating the Website" page to learn more about HADK.



Enhance & Advance Forum

by 'Alohilani Okamura, Nu Chapter President, and Carol Emerson, State Publicity Chair

Our first-ever forum, "Enhance and Advance", brought together more than 85 Hawaii AK members on October 6, 2020, in a video conference. Members  pondered how you/we can move forward through this biennium.  This was not an “end-all, be-all” session, so we invite more dialogue and suggestions for future interactions.  

Here is a capsulized summary of the participants' Reflection Survey comments:

3 words describing feelings: delighted, connected, encouraged, anticipating changes, satisfied, ready to go, energized, inspired, invigorated, optimistic, stimulated, rejuvenated, this interested, curious, recharged, connected with amazing sisters.

2 takeaways: Force Field Analysis, group problem-solving, interactive opportunities, collegial expression, non-threatening breakouts, willing to move forward, tools for productive Zooming (Jamboard, Slide Go PP, Hyperlink), additional dialogue in Chapter Presidents’ Council, similar situations across chapters, creative ways to similar issues, Collegiate Club, less paperwork, informed & engaged, collaboration to isolate concerns, great for professional development, administrative training.

1 next step: chapter assessment, dialogue at Chapter Presidents’ Council, connecting with chapters, getting active teachers to join, mentoring new leaders, incorporating in chapter meetings what was learned, follow-up sessions to promote professionalism and collaboration, reconnecting with committee reps to support each other (e.g., Scholarship)

Note: Indicative of varied perspectives, one participant viewed the activities as “great for professional development,” while another was reminded of “admin training."


As mentioned at the beginning and end of the session, this was just a springboard for everyone to Take That Leap this biennium.  Our intent was to find ways to publicize and promote the accomplishments of HAK and the opportunities and rewards that AK can offer so we can be inspired to be active and productive members.  It was an ambitious agenda of possibilities (maximizing members' time, conducting chapter Zoom meetings, sharing multipurpose tools, creating partnerships, crafting and sharing news, establishing protocol for communications, promoting accountability).  


We also incorporated ‘Alohi’s initial suggestions to tie in the uniqueness of Hawai’i (our sense of place, spirit, service, interaction), share collaborative and user-friendly Zooming tools and strategies, and use different media to communicate with our membership. Thank you, participants, for bringing your positivity and creativity and being willing to participate in collaborative discussions while learning about some tools and strategies as well to share with fellow AK sisters. There will definitely be “Next Steps” taken by all of us, so please share yours, whether for us all or specific to your needs and concerns for AK.  

We’d like to leave you with how forum participant Diane Tom-Ogata

of Nu Chapter embraced ideas from one of the breakouts and

“made them her own” (specifically from the Jamboard group activity

on what the H in HAK meant) by creating the image of a butterfly

made up of the Jamboard breakout words.  Let’s continue to find ways

to share the heart, creativity, and resilience of our AK and HAK

membership.  Possible plans for future sessions 

to follow, based on your input.

UPDATE - November 21, 2020

Your expressed interest and active participation in Forum #1 were most appreciated.  With our commitment to continue to Learn & Grow this biennium, many of YOU have taken your own LEAPS of faith and effort.  As you continue to do so, hopefully these considerations (whether tools, strategies, or just food for thought) can be added to your AK and teacher toolbox to share with others.


Special note: A “hana hou” repeat performance can be offered at another time to those who missed Forum #1 or need a review. Also, we invite more dialogue and suggestions for future interactions - including how to encourage and support member participation as well as how we in HA∆K can support our schools, teachers, and students. 


Next steps and projects suggested by Forum #1 participants: continued chapter assessment, dialogue w/in Council of Chapter Presidents (CCP), follow-up session for professionalism & collaboration, connecting w/ committee chairs/reps to support each other, collegial interaction to share ideas, skills, tools & strategies, plus A∆K Collegiate Club possibilities


~ ~ Enhance & Advance Forum #2 tentatively set for Saturday, January 16, 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon ~ ~

Based on previous feedback and requests, these are possible ideas for continued collegial interaction and learning for the Forum #2 Zoom session: More tools & strategies (e.g., Padlet - an online notice board as a means to collaborate, reflect & share notes on a common page, including videos, images, links), chapter partnerships to share ideas & support each other on common tasks, streamlined organization & communication, actual gestures to connect & interact with members and possible future initiates, altruistic endeavors supporting teachers and students, other partnerships (e.g., with College of Education - with AK Collegiate Club as possible future goal)


Your further input is welcomed to generate other possibilities so we can finalize a working agenda for the Enhance & Advance Forum #2 - flyer and invitation forthcoming.

Mahalo for your participation and support,

'Alohilani Okamura, Nu Chapter President, and Carol Emerson, State Publicity Chair


How Hawaii Alpha Delta Kappa is Conducting Business























Most of Hawai'i's chapters have already conducted business meetings via ZOOM web conference. All the chapters have participated in online voting - to approve changes in the state bylaws and policies/procedures. In addition, several state committees have been meeting to discuss their responsibilities in the coming biennium. Shown above is a screenshot of the NW/SW Regional Conference committee members at a practice session. 

Photo courtesy of Jeanne Chang