Council of Chapter Presidents

From:  Joan Tamori

To:  HADK Council of Chapter Presidents


It was fantastic meeting with all of you at the Chapter Presidents workshop at Leadership Training!  Thank you for sharing your exciting goals and ideas for your biennium.  I have consolidated all of your responses into common themes/categories in a document to download of which you may want to compare notes or grab ideas.  Also available for download is the "Building Blocks" summary from the membership workshop conducted by Betty Jo Evers, Southwest Regional Membership Chair, at the Anchorage regional conference.  This document is a compilation of responses from us (the workshop attendees) on the building blocks to motivating chapters.  There are suggestions/solutions you may definitely want to utilize for your focus areas.


CCP Meeting #2 - Dec. 1, 2018

Distinguished Program Award Information for Aug.17, 2019

November 2019

Message from Joan Tamori:

For our upcoming December 7 meeting, please download, print, and bring the following three membership documents.  Because the forms have been newly revised, it is beneficial that Chapter Presidents are aware of the changes as you work together with your Membership Chairs.  Thanks and see you soon

1. H-103 Membership Application

2. H-154 Petition for Reinstatement

3. Attract anD Keep Members 2020


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