2020 State Convention Voting

Due to the coronavirus crisis and the cancellation of the 2020 Hawai'i Alpha Delta Kappa State Convention, it has become necessary to conduct portions of the business meeting  online.

Instructions to all HADK members:   On or about April 30, you will receive an email or phone call notification from your chapter president that HADK will conduct an online voting of several items that would have normally been voted on at the State Convention. The email will include a link that will take you to a Survey Monkey voting form.  Please contact your chapter president as soon as possible if you have not received the email.  Listed below are the items which you will be voting for/against on the electronic ballot form. Click on the underlined links below to study each document and decide if you are in favor or opposed to each voting item.  The italicized paragraphs are not part of the document; they only provide you with some background information. It may be helpful to print each document and mark them YES or NO, before transferring your vote to the electronic ballot. The voting period is May 1 - May 20.  Please submit your completed ballot no later than May 20If you encounter any problems with the electronic ballot, please email the HADK webmaster immediately at hadkwebmaster@gmail.com.

1. Approval of 25th State Convention Business meeting minutes
The previous convention rules authorized the Chair to appoint a committee of three (3) to approve the minutes of the 25th State Convention.  Louise Cayetano, Kay Shoji, and Rebecca Kim Sakuma were appointed to approve the minutes.  Their signed statement is included with the minutes which have been circulated and is on the Hawaiʻi Alpha Delta Kappa website.


2. Approval of Hawaii State Bylaws for 2020 to 2022 - The blue text are the proposed        amendments. You will vote for the entire Bylaws as shown.  

The proposed Amended 2020 HA∆K Bylaws have been discussed and approved by the State Executive Board.  Changes include enlarging the pool of sisters eligible for state president-elect and state president. A sister is eligible if she has served as a chapter president and chairperson of a state standing committee.


3. Approval of Hawaii State Budget Guidelines and Budget Rationale.

Many months of work and careful scrutiny by the committee, advisors, and sisters have  gone into the Proposed Budget Guidelines with Rationale and the Proposed Budget.  In addition, the Executive Board has discussed and approved the Proposed Budget Guidelines and Proposed Budget.  The budget is basically the same as previous biennia, as noted in the budget guidelines.  Some changes in the President’s discretionary fund, state committees’ expenses, and a stipend for Hawaiʻi’s Southwest Regional officer are noted in the rationale. 

4. Approval of Hawaii State Budget for 2020 to 2022.